Bludgeon Me was written for The Music Room, a project dreamed up by composer Eliza Brown and cellist Chris Wild that presents contemporary music in public spaces.  I participated in the the group's first several concerts as a performer and contributed this piece.  The piece was originally a single melodic line that was to be played by any instruments available for the specific performance - it was meant to be loud and bombastic, mostly so as to rise above the sounds of the environment (it was premiered on a Chicago subway platform ).

Following the performances by the Music Room, Bludgeon Me assumed a second life as a concert piece.  For each new performance, I would revise and adapt it to fit the available instrumentation.  It has been performed by the Chicago Composers Orchestra, Ensemble Dal Niente, and DePaul University's Ensemble 20+, among others.

Bludegon Me was premiered by the Music Room on June 9th, 2011 at the Jackson Avenue CTA Station in Chicago, Illinois.