stutter-step the concept is part of an approach to sonic creativity that I have variously termed “minimalist complexity” or “energetic sculpture.”  This piece is constructed as a dynamic musical object that eschews narrative and discursive modes of listening in favor of a more plastic approach to sound.  I imagine this piece as a baroquely detailed physical object which is slowly rotating, exposing its many aspects. Its title is taken from a CL Smooth lyric.

stutter-step the concept was premiered by Ensemble Dal Niente at Chicago's Harris Theater on October 7th, 2016 as part of the Ear Taxi Festival.

Matt Oliphant, assistant
Ben Melsky, assistant/harp
Mark Buchner, electric bass
Tarn Travers, violin
Ammie Brod, viola
Chris Wild, cello

Constance Volk, flutes
Andrew Nogal, oboe
Katie Schoepflin, clarinets
Tom Snydacker, saxophone
Gregory Beyer, percussion
Ann Yi, piano

Michael Lewanski, conductor