In Progress
New work for solo viola - commissioned by Doyle Armbrust
New work for saxophone and percussion - commissioned by Tim McAllister

Prosodia Daseia (a) (2015) for trombone
grandFather (2014) for amplified bassoon
leaping in place (2012) for piano
Shredhaus (2012) for amplified guitar
Ermine (2012) for violin
Ventriloquist (2012) for tenor saxophone
Torch Song (2011) for alto saxophone
water(l)ily (2010) for violin

Chroma (2017) for two soprano saxophones
Cut Teeth (2015) for baritone, bass clarinet, trumpet, and trombone
Hack (2015) for string quartet
On Tenterhooks (2013) for percussion quartet
megrims (2013) for oboe, bass clarinet, viola, cello, and piano
Backwater Blues (after Bessie Smith) (2013) for string quartet
Blissing Out (2012) for saxophone quartet
Dig Absolutely (2010) for string quartet

Large Ensemble
stutter-step the concept (2016) for 12 players

Drivel Team (2016) for four voices
Prosodia Daseia (b) (2015) for trombone and voices
Tandem (2013) for soprano and bass clarinet

I Never Learnt to Share (2011/2012) by James Blake, arranged for string quartet
Io Parto E Non Piu Dissi (1611/2011) by Carlo Gesualdo, arranged for mixed ensemble
Duke of Prunes (1963/2011) by Frank Zappa, arranged for untrained voice and mixed ensemble